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How to get the HTML opt-in code from Klaviyo

PopupAlly + Klaviyo work great together! This short tutorial will walk you through how to grab the Klaviyo form code for your website opt-in.

Then, add this code, directly into your PopupAlly settings in WordPress.

PopupAlly can integrate with Klaviyo, if that’s the email marketing system you use for your business!  All you need to do is grab the HTML code from Klaviyo, then add it to your PopupAlly settings.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Log into your Klaviyo account


Step 3: Click on the "Sign Up Forms"


Step 4: Select the "Unstyled Embed" tab


Step 5: Copy the code and paste it into the Klaviyo Embed Code below

Klaviyo Embed Code Important: paste the code below!

Step 6. Click on the Generate button and copy the code to PopupAlly (Pro) Style Settings

Step 7: Customize The Confirmation Page

If you would like to use a custom Thank You page after form submission, go to Subscribe Page, and click on "View All Pages".


Step 8: Select the "Confirm Your Email" page


Step 9: Click on the "Redirect" button


Step 10: Enter the custom Thank You page URL and click "Save"


Step 11: Check the page in PopupAlly Pro -> Display Settings

If the custom Thank You page is on the same site as PopupAlly (Pro), please check that page (and only that page) in the "Thank you page after signing-up" section.

Updated on March 29, 2019

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