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How to Create a Standalone Course With Modules

By default, a Standalone course in AccessAlly has two defining characteristics:

  • A single permission tag to give access to the entire course at once
  • A single, course-wide module

However, if you wish to create a Standalone Course with multiple modules, use the following process to set up your course:

Step 1: Create a Stage-Released Course

Since you want to use modules, you’ll want to create your course in the Stage-Released course area.

Then, follow along with the course wizard to create your course identity, modules, and content.

Click on the toggle below to view the tutorial video for this part of the Course Wizard

Press here to reveal video tutorial

Step 2: Use the Instant Access Tag in Your Automation

After creating the course content, you’ll need to set up the release automation for your course in the style of a regular Standalone Course (aka: releasing all the content at once, instead of drip-release over time.)

You can follow the steps in this tutorial, with one exception:

To release all the course content at once, the ONLY tag you’ll need to add to your CRM automation is the Instant Access tag:

Once added to the contact, this tag will give your users access to all of the course content (in each module) at once.

Updated on June 12, 2018

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