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How To Add Tracking Pixels to AccessAlly Order Forms

You can add tracking pixels to AccessAlly order forms. There are two ways to add these tracking pixels. The first is by adding your tracking code directly to a Thank You page. This is a standard procedure for many ecommerce systems.

However, you can also add the HTML Script element to an order form design. With this setup, the element is only rendered when that specific step is shown.

For example: if you are using the standard 3-step order form design and add the HTML Script element to the order success message, the script will ONLY run on order success (and if the success message option is selected in Offers -> Payment Success).

How to Add the Tracking Pixel To Your Order Form

When designing your order form with AccessAlly (tutorial here), select and add the HTML Script element to the part of the order form you wish to add the tracking pixel to.

(i.e. If you’re using the 3-step order form design, you’ll have to be intentional about which step you’re adding the element to. If you only want to track completed orders, be vigilant about only adding the element/pixel to the third step/success message part.)

Once the element is added, click on it to add your tracking pixel code.

As always, make sure to save all changes before exiting the page.

Updated on October 19, 2020

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