Beaver Builder Templates

This is the first tutorial in our Design Your Membership Site With Beaver Builder series.

Please note: all theme template files are provided as-is. AccessAlly does not offer technical support for theme-related setup and issues.

1. Should you use these templates?

Our AccessAlly Beaver Builder templates are designed to help you launch your first course or membership quickly. They’re also great if you’re working on a site for a client and need a base that you can customize without having to build a site from scratch.

Our article Membership Website Design: The Value of Design outlines when using pre-made templates (like ours) may be the perfect fit for you and when you might want to hire an AccessAlly Expert instead.

2. Screenshots of the templates

Want to know what our AccessAlly Beaver Builder templates look like? Click here to see screenshots of the included page template designs.

3. Resources Needed

If you have a current AccessAlly license, you can download the template files for free here: Beaver Builder Templates Please note that while we offer templates to assist with your site design we do not offer theme or template support including making changes or customizations.

Tools Needed to use the Templates:

  • Beaver Builder Pro – this version contains both the Beaver Builder theme and Beaver Builder page builder plugin (affiliate link)
  • Ultimate Add Ons for Beaver Builder – this is a must-have for ease in managing sidebar menus and making them mobile-friendly (affiliate link)

4. Beaver Builder Custom CSS

In the video, we refer to downloading a custom CSS code file, but we’ve added it here so you can simply copy/paste the code below:

Beaver Builder Custom CSS (controls login page checkbox spacing and mobile menus):

/* AccessAlly Login Page */
input[type="checkbox"] {
margin: 0 5px;
/* Beaver Builder Primary Menu Mobile Hamburger */
.fl-page-nav-toggle-icon.fl-page-nav-toggle-visible-mobile .fl-page-nav .navbar-toggle {
top: 35px;
/* Paragraph Text Styling */
#content-section p {
margin-bottom: 30px;

5. Tutorials: Editing the Membership Site Beaver Builder Templates

List of Tutorials

  1. How To Install and Customize the Beaver Builder Theme (current tutorial)
  2. How To Install Beaver Builder Templates On Your WordPress Site
  3. How To Design Your Membership Site Login Page With Beaver Builder
  4. How To Design the My Account Page With Beaver Builder
  5. How To Design the My Orders Page With Beaver Builder
  6. How To Design Your Course Pages With Beaver Builder
  7. How To Design Your Order Form Page With Beaver Builder
  8. How To Design the Dashboard Page With Beaver Builder
Updated on March 19, 2020

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