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Guide to AccessAlly Pro’s Feature List

Building an online course is tough work and keeping your members engaged is even more tough. AccessAlly Pro gives you the LMS features you need in addition to your basic membership site/course creation.

Here is a list of the unique features included with AccessAlly Pro:

Sell your online courses and subscriptions using AccessAlly’s built-in e-commerce system.

AccessAlly includes a Custom Operations feature that allows you to create a credit system for your online course.

  • Progress Tracking
    • Motivate participants with percentage completion & gamification so they can unlock badges as they proceed
  • User Login Tracking and Footprint Logs
    • View the students activity for logging in
    • See the pages the user has visited during their session
  • Video Bookmarks
    • Breakout long videos into titled bookmarks, making revisiting content easy
    • Auto-completion once the video is done playing, allowing users to track their moves
  • Quizzes
    • Test their knowledge and provide rewards for their successes
      • Offer customized messages on their outcomes
      • Set a pass/fail threshold for graded quizzes
      • Provide 1:1 feedback on question answers using the Admin Reviewed feature
      • Mini Pages – decide how many questions per page in the quiz
  • Social Sharing
    • Allow your participants to share their progress on social media (meanwhile building buzz and increasing sales organically)
    • Share a page or post via email, places the subject line and url in the message
  • Mobile Friendly
    • Participants can take their learning with them on the go
  • Private Notes
    • Coach your participants and create one to one connections
  • WordPress Theme Friendly
    • Can be used with any WordPress theme and can be customized to your current design
  • All-in-One Membership Site Plugin
    • AccessAlly Pro is your all-in-one solution for membership site, course creation, and gamification.
  • Behavior-based Tagging
    • Apply tags when a participant completes a quiz or share via social media
  • Integrates with CRM systems
    • Tagging and tracking into your CRM system for a robust system. Integrates with ConvertKitActiveCampaignInfusionsoftDrip, and Ontraport.
    • Funnel users into tag-based sequences to automate their advancements in your course and system
    • Tracker user login activity and trigger campaigns from this
  • Import/Export Page Settings
    • Allows you to keep backups and save your settings on each page, making moving sites, duplicating pages, or keeping history easy.
  • Admin Dashboard
    • View quiz statistics with ease, get to know your users
    • Search pages/posts to view stats on their specifics
    • Overall completion of objectives and quizzes for the admin to evaluate on a page/post breakdown

AccessAlly Pro can add that extra flair to your site and boost both you and your participants activity!

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In this tutorial we’ll go over the WordPress LMS setup for AccessAlly Pro, so you can have your online courses up and running and delivering amazing learning experiences in no time!


AccessAlly Pro WordPress LMS Setup

The initial plugin setup for AccessAlly Pro is fairly straightforward, and can be done in three easy steps.

1. AccessAlly Pro Settings ‹ License Information

Enter in the license information for the plugin.

WordPress LMS setup

2. AccessAlly Pro Settings ‹ CRM Integration

Set up the CRM system you want to integrate with. If you’re using AccessAlly, that you should be your top choice so you can do more automated tagging between the two plugins. Otherwise choose between Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Ontraport, Drip and ConvertKit.

AccessAlly Pro tutorials

3. AccessAlly Pro Settings ‹ Style Settings

During your WordPress LMS setup, choose the style settings to match the colors for your membership website design.

WordPress LMS setup

AccessAlly Pro Quizzes

Quizzes are such a powerful way of testing a learner’s comprehension… But it doesn’t stop there! You can also use quizzes to guide people to the right next step for them, too.

4. Create The Quiz Outcomes

Choose the WordPress “Page” you want to add a AccessAlly Pro quiz to, and scroll down to the AccessAlly Pro settings. Choose the “Quiz” tab and activate the quiz for this page. Select the type of quiz you want to design. Then choose the number of quiz outcomes.

From there, will out the outcomes and select any tags that you want to apply when the learner completes the quiz and gets this result. Include any HTML for this outcome that will be displayed when the quiz is complete.

WordPress LMS setup

5. Start Adding Questions To Your Quiz

Add as many questions as you have to your quiz. Fill in the the answers, and choose how the answers will add to the “total” that determines what the outcome will be. Not all answers need to lead to a specific outcome, and you can decide how much a questions “weighs into” the final results.

PA Setup - quiz questions

6. Add The Quiz To Your Page

Adding the quiz to your WordPress page is easy (no shortcodes to look up or remember!), just click the AccessAlly Pro button in the toolbar.

WordPress LMS setup

7. Select The Quiz From The Dropdown

Once you’ve selected the quiz, click “Insert Shortcode” and it will be added to your page wherever you had your cursor selection.

PA Setup - select quiz fr dropdown

8. Preview The Quiz and Test It Out

Click the “Preview” button on your WordPress page and make sure that the quiz behaves the way you’d expect it to.

PA Setup - preview-the-quiz-and-test-it-out

AccessAlly Pro Objectives

Objectives are a way of building in more interaction into your online courses, and it also allows you to gage people’s engagement in your different lessons and modules.

9. Set Up Course Page Objectives

You can add any number of objectives to be completed on each course page. Fill in the separate objectives, and select if they are simple actions (text), if they associated with a video, or a quiz.

PA Setup - set-up-course-page-objectives

10. Now Add The Objectives To The Page

Once you’ve set up the objectives, use the AccessAlly Pro shortcode adder to insert them into the page.

PA Setup - now-add-the-objectives-to-the-page

Video Bookmarks

11. Insert AccessAlly Pro Tracked Videos

You can insert videos the old fashion way, or you can use AccessAlly Pro if you want to create video bookmarks that are connected to the videos. Enter the Video ID from the video embed code, and if you only have 1 video then use AccessAlly Pro ID 1. Give each video on one page a separate ID.

Select the size and type of video to embed, and this will insert it into the page for you.

PA Setup - insert-AccessAlly Pro-tracked-videos

Progress Tracking

12. Let Them Know How Far They’ve Come

If you want to display a percentage or progress bar, as the learner goes through the course – use the AccessAlly Pro shortcode adder to easily add this indicator. You can show their progress for the whole course, or just this page.

PA Setup - let-them-know-how-far-they-ve-come

Social Sharing

13. Add Social Sharing Inside This Course

When doing your WordPress LMS setup, you might decide that you want your students to be able to share their progress or successes on social media along the way. But most social sharing plugins would link to a password protected page, so in AccessAlly Pro you decide where your students send their friends.

Enter in the page you want people to go to when they click on a shared link through social media, along with the text and image to display.

PA Setup - add social sharing inside course

14. Add The Social Share Buttons

Next, insert the various social share buttons (currently Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and email) into the page using the AccessAlly Pro shortcode adder. You can easily change the default look of these buttons, by simply inserting an image between the added shortcodes.

You can also create several “share” destinations and have several share buttons included.

PA Setup - add-the-social-share-buttons

Objective Completion Content

15. Reward People When They Complete The Course

Want to reward people for completing all of the objectives for a course (including a quiz, if you have one)? In the tagging section you can select which CRM tag you want to apply… which can trigger any number of bonus content or special emails to be sent.

PA Setup - reward-people-when-they-complete-the-course

16. Display Special Content After Objectives are Complete

If you prefer not to apply a tag or do anything via the CRM, you can also just embed any bonus badges or content in the “Objective Completion” section of a page. This is a section of the page that will only display when all of the objectives have been completed.

Simply enter regular HTML, text, images, videos into this part of the page and it will instantly appear once all the objectives are completed. (Alternatively, you can link a popup to display when objectives are complete.)

PA Setup - display-special-content-after-objectives-are-complete


17. Celebrate Your Learner With a Certificate of Completion (That’s Autogenerated)

To add an auto-generated PDF certificate of completion, select “Certificates” in the AccessAlly Pro page settings. Then upload the template PDF and start adding new customizations. Select from default like the name of the learner, the date, and then add your own like the title of the course and your name as the instructor.

PA Setup - celebrate-your-learner-with-a-certificate-of-completion--that-s-autogenerated-

18. Add The Certificate Download Button

Add the certificate download link to the “Objective Completion” section of the WordPress page. This way it will only appear once someone has completed the course objectives.

You can change the button text and other styling settings here.

PA Setup - add-the-certificate-download-button


19. Set Up Note Taking For Specific Pages

If you’ve decided to give people a place to take notes in the courses you create, you can specify which prompts or questions you want to use here. You can add any number of note sections to each page, and you can even make these be “two way communication channels” between you and the students.

PA Setup - set-up-note-taking-for-specific-pages

20. Add The Note To The Page

Choose where you want to add the note to the page (below videos tends to work well) by choosing the AccessAlly Pro shortcode adder and the note name you gave your note.

PA Setup - add-the-note-to-the-page

We hope this WordPress LMS setup tutorial for AccessAlly Pro was helpful. If you run into any issues, head to our Knowledge Base or get in touch with us directly!